Why Snorers Must Use A Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece!


The importance of rest using a sleep apnea mouthpiece in everyone’s life is very important. Every one of us feels fresh after a sound sleep. Sleep after a busy day work is very important. It makes a person fresh, recharges energy, and helps in thinking clearly, giving quicker responses and controlling our emotions.

Sleep apnea: Many of us might be suffering from the symptoms of sleep apnea. If you are unaware of what it is, it is a “breathing disorder that occurs during sleep which has some characteristics like pauses in breathing or very low breathing rate during sleep. Apnea is each pause in breathing. It generally last to minutes and occurs 5 to 30 times or more an hour. This can occur either because of failure of brain to send the signals to breathe or due to the soft tissues which acts as an obstructer and blocks the airway in the throat.
This has a major effect on the quality of sleep and it should not be left untreated. This type of disorder can lead to increasing risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, obesity, stroke, diabetes, worsen heart failure. It increases the chance of occurrence of driving accidents. To treat this, changes in lifestyles, mouthpieces, surgery and other breathing devices can be some successful ways.

Sleep apnea mouthpiece: It is a device which is fitted by a dentist to form a mouth of the sleep apnea patient. It almost resembles the same as the mouth guard being worn by an athlete. It is also known as a snore guard. It can be very helpful in many of the physiological issues related to sleep. The sleep apnea mouthpiece is not only helpful in stopping apnea but also helpful in stopping snoring. Snoring is when the respiratory structures vibrate and results in sound while breathing in sleep.

This sleep apnea mouth piece is worn during the sleeping time. Its main purpose is keeping the airway open by using the normal body reflexes. This device fits on the upper teeth snugly. When the closing of the lower jaw takes place, the ramp naturally gets stroked by the lower anterior teeth. The natural jaw movement advances along the ramp and hence allows movement of lower jaws to a more forward position. Between the upper portion and the lower portion, the aperture is a device used which facilitates the free movement of air for mouth breathing. It attracts the tongue forward. The lower jaw and the tongue moves to a more forward position. Hence it helps resulting in a more significant reduction in snoring by inducing more open airway in the user.

The incidence of the snoring can be reduced by minor movement of the lower jaw in the forward direction ranging from 2 mm to 6 mm.

Thus the ones who are suffering from mild sleeping apnea can know their increase in the energy level in the morning and improvement in their sleep. For those suffering from severe apnea, can well notice that their snoring gets reduced gradually. Persons who sleep by the side of the affected persons can also sleep well. So if you are looking for the treatment of sleep apnea, this sleep apnea mouthpiece can be very helpful and will help in curbing the amount of snoring every night.

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